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Welcome to Nesec. Since 1946, Nesec has been active as financing institution for the shipping industry. This history in the maritime world and our knowledge of lending products are at the heart of our company. We supply the maritime sector with tailor made financing. The aim is to make the difference. Therefore we develop different funds, of which the Nesec Shipping Debt Fund (NSDF) is the most well-known.

About Nesec

Sustainable and solid business operations are of great importance to Nesec. This applies to the actions of our company, the actions of the individual employee, as well as the dealings with third parties.

Over a long period of time, we have been providing financing to shipowners and will continue to do so in the future. For the benefit of our work activities, we have developed propriety software which supports us in our credit activities in the maritime sector.

Fund management

Nesec develops, aside from existing, traditional ways of financing, different funds for various target groups and capital goods. That is how we try to fund a high quality, lively and profitable maritime sector for the future.

Our first fund is the Nesec Shipping Debt Fund (NSDF), a financing fund of €250 mln which supplies first mortgage loans for ships. NSDF focuses on removing bottlenecks in financing capacity to give a boost to the short sea sector and the surrounding maritime cluster in a sustainable way.


The financing fund with a focus on the short sea sector.

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The Nesec Shipping Debt Fund (NSDF) offers shipowners the opportunity to expand, renew their fleet or become more sustainable. This can an important component for the continuity of a fleet or shipping company. We would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities. For this you can use click ‘n deal to get an answer to more specific financing questions. We will contact you for a follow up meeting.

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Nesec was founded in 1946 by the private initiative of a number of Dutch shipbuilders. At the time, the aim was to take up the selling of ships to foreign shipowners. Because of the capital intensity of ships, granting (subordinated) loans became an additional activity and since the seventies of the last century it became our main activity. Even nowadays, Nesec focuses on granting loans for the Dutch maritime cluster. In addition, Nesec develops funds for long term financing of maritime and off shore capital goods.

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Mare Forum – Alternative Finance for Small and Medium Shipowners Rotterdam – 20th may 2021 Nesec is pleased to announce we will be participating in

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A special milestone, our 75th anniversary!

In 1946, the Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw Export Centrale was founded. First as a sales and contracting organisation, later with a focus on financing the maritime sector. This history in the maritime world and our knowledge of lending products are at the heart of our company, with the aim to make the difference. We can proudly say that we have already supported the maritime sector for 75 years!

In honor of our 75th anniversary we will use our special anniversary logo this year. The coming year stands for more growth, positive developments and we are working on a number of new initiatives.

Collaboration pays off. We hope to keep on supporting the maritime sector for many years more and reach more special milestones!