About Nesec

Nesec is a Dutch financing institution, which provides loans for the purchase of ships. Nesec’s long history guarantees specific knowledge of the maritime sector and associated financing products. Our team of maritime financial experts has the required sector knowledge and searches, in an inventive and structured way, for solutions for the financial needs of our customers. Our clients are shipowners, to whom Nesec has traditionally provided mortgage loans. Nowadays, Nesec also focuses on other forms of financing to give an impulse to the future of the Dutch maritime sector.

Our Core Values


Nesec considers sustainable and solid business operations of great importance. This applies to the actions of our company, the actions of the individual employee, as well as the dealings with third parties.


Our team of maritime financial experts has the required sector knowledge and searches, in an inventive and structured way, for solutions for the financial needs of our customers.


Nesec has a long history of transactions within the maritime cluster. We maintain contact with all key players in the maritime sector and the financial sector.


We believe that maritime transport can have an important contribution to the Paris agreement and to prosperity through the sea transport of international trade. We facilitate existing technology and embrace new developments. Nesec helps build a sustainable future.

Our Team

We look back on more than seven decades of passion for ships and experience in maritime financing. We like to take initiative and responsibility and challenge each other and the maritime world to continue to develop and grow. We are passionate about our work, because of our love for the maritime world.

This is us, this is our team of experts. Together we lay a foundation for your future. Collaboration pays off.


Pieter van der Burg

Managing Director

Pieter van der Burg

Pieter has worked his entire life within the maritime sector and joined Nesec in 2008. Pieter has experience on both sides, having worked at a bank and at a shipping company. As managing director, Pieter is responsible for managing both commercial business and strategy.

Joost Bout

Loan Portfolio Manager

Joost Bout

Joost has almost 10 years of experience within the finance- and shipping- sector. Joost has joined Nesec in 2019. Growing up in a shipping community, Joost speaks the shipping language and can identify with shipowners, bringing a different view. Within Nesec, Joost is involved both commercially and developing new funds.

Erik Wesseling

Account Manager

Erik Wesseling

Erik has more than 25 years of experience in shipfinance and joined Nesec in 2003. With his wide range of experience within finance, Erik has knowledge about all aspects of ship financing. He is the linking pin between front- and back-office with strong analytical skills and an eye for detail.

Marjory Blaset

Office Manager

Marjory Blaset

Marjory joined Nesec in 2011. Marjory is responsible for organisational and secretarial businesses within Nesec. Marjory thinks in solutions and knows Nesec through and through.

Ria Verburg


Ria Verburg

Ria has been involved with Nesec as financial controller since 2011. Coming from an Inlandshipping family, Ria brings a large amount of experience in the finance business. She loves numbers!!

Vacature Studentstage bij
Nesec Fund Management BV

Wil jij de boot niet missen? Kom dan ons Maritiem financiële team versterken!


Voor een periode van 3 – 6 maanden zoeken wij een medewerker die het NFM-team kan
versterken. NFM is actief in de scheepsfinancieringen in het short sea shipping segment.
Onlangs heeft NFM een fonds opgericht, waarmee eerste hypotheek financieringen op
short-sea schepen kunnen worden verstrekt.

De stagiair zal meedraaien met het dagelijkse werk, waaronder:

  • Analyses maken voor nieuwe financieringsaanvragen
  • Helpen met aanvragen schrijven voor het investment committee voor nieuwe
  • database updaten mbt gefinancierde schepen
  • meewerken aan financiële modellen
  • helpen met monitoren van bestaande financieringen
  • markt analyses maken van specifieke scheepvaart segmenten
  • Administratieve werkzaamheden
  • Kennis, en, niet onbelangrijk, interesse, in de scheepvaart is een duidelijke pré.
  • De vacature is op basis van 40 uur per week. Liever werken en studeren
    combineren? Dat kan ook. In goed overleg kan je ook op basis van een part-time
    contract aan de slag.
  • Er zal een stagevergoeding worden betaald.