Fund management

Nesec has been active as financing institution for the shipping industry for many years. We are constantly looking for (sustainable) financing solutions for the sector.

In the future, the Netherlands will play an important role in short sea shipping in the field of maritime transport, reducing CO2 emissions and developing alternative energy sources. Transport by sea remains the most efficient and for the time being the cleanest mode of transport. Credit capacity is sometimes limited to finance SME players in these types of segments.

Our goal is to make the difference. Nesec develops, aside from existing, traditional ways of financing, different funds for various target groups and capital goods, of which the Nesec Shipping Debt Fund (NSDF) is the most well-known. The NSDF is a financing fund of €250 mln which supplies first mortgage loans for ships. Read more about NSDF.

A number of new initiatives are underway. That is how we try to fund a high-quality, lively and profitable maritime sector for the future. For more information about the possibilities to participate in one of our funds or to be kept informed about new funds click here.

Our method

Our funds are intended for medium-sized shipping companies from Europe. The purchase of your ship is a critical moment in business operations. Our fund management goes through the following steps to achieve appropriate and responsible financing.

1. Preliminary discussion

We go through the intended purchase of the ship. This involves return, deployment of the ship, company and management.

2. Acceptance test

Acceptance criteria and restrictions apply to the mortgage loan, depending on the ship type and age. The financial soundness of the shipping company is tested.

3. Structuring of the loan

This is how the loan is tailored to aspects such as owner, ship, age and earning capacity. Feasible obligations are formulated for the shipping company, in line with the risk criteria of the relevant fund.

4. Acceptance

Do your company, the ship and the requested financing meet all the criteria of the fund? Then formal acceptance follows.

5. Documentation

This concerns the drafting and mutual coordination of various deeds and agreements.

6. Pay-out

Have all criteria been met and has documentation been completed? Then the shipping company will receive the loan. Afterwards, payment of interest and repayment starts.

7. Periodic evaluation

Regular contact is maintained between shipping company and the fund. For example, to see whether the ship is performing as expected and what the expectations are for the near future.

8. Loan expiration

At the end of the loan term, you have to make decisions about repayment and/or external refinancing. The fund has early and regular consultation with the shipping company about this.

An interesting investment opportunity

There is a decreasing credit capacity for the long-term financing. Nesec meets this need for the maritime sector. For an (institutional) investor this means an investment opportunity in long-term, mortgage-backed loans.

Nesec develops, aside from existing traditional ways of financing, different funds for various target groups and capital goods. That is how we try to fund a high-end, lively and profitable maritime sector for the future.

Nesec Shipping Debt Fund

The Nesec Shipping Debt Fund (NSDF) is a financing fund of €250. NSDF focuses on removing bottlenecks in financing capacity in a sustainable way. NSDF is intended to be a stimulus for maritime shipping. The fund provides first mortgage loans to give an impulse to the short sea sector and the maritime cluster around it. Short sea shipping is an important segment within Dutch shipping. The fund consists of a diversified portfolio of ship loans, for both new-build and second hand ships. The fund has approval from the EU, the Dutch government and a rating of the credit risk by an external agency.

Reputable financing

NSDF is largely guaranteed by the Dutch ministry of Economics and Climate. The fund is rated by German rating agency Creditreform.

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The Nesec Shipping Debt Fund (NSDF) offers shipowners the opportunity to expand, renew their fleet or become more sustainable. This can an important component for the continuity of a fleet or shipping company. We would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities. For this you can use click ‘n deal to get an answer to more specific financing questions. We will contact you for a follow up meeting.

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A special milestone, our 75th anniversary!

In 1946, the Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw Export Centrale was founded. First as a sales and contracting organisation, later with a focus on financing the maritime sector. This history in the maritime world and our knowledge of lending products are at the heart of our company, with the aim to make the difference. We can proudly say that we have already supported the maritime sector for 75 years!

In honor of our 75th anniversary we will use our special anniversary logo this year. The coming year stands for more growth, positive developments and we are working on a number of new initiatives.

Collaboration pays off. We hope to keep on supporting the maritime sector for many years more and reach more special milestones!