A tradition in maritime financing

Since the foundation in 1946, Nesec focuses on financing the acquisition of new and existing ships. The Netherlands play an important role in shipping. More particularly in regional European shipping. We want to keep contributing to the long-term financing of capital goods in the maritime sector for a long time to come. For a more detailed look in our history up to the turn of the century, see here.

History of Nesec at a glance

Nesec is founded by 6 shipbuilders.
Delivery of the first series of 8 tugs to Poland.
Start direct lending to shipowners.
Tumultuous growth of shipping and shipbuilding.
Winschoterdiep expands to 16 metres, wider ships are being built, indoor building becomes a common practice.
Besides exportfinance for foreign shipowners, Dutch shipowners are provided with loans.
Nesec takes on external funding.
Nesec aims at financing instead of export.
Separation finance activities and idealistic goal.
Nesec is accredited in accordance with Growth facility of ministry of Economic affairs.
Issuance Nesec bonds.
Provision of mortgage backed loans with guarantee from the ministry of Economic affairs for funding of institutional investors.
A special milestone, our 75th anniversary! In honor of our 75th anniversary we will use our special anniversary logo this year.

Our history in words and pictures

Download the book Smeerolie voor de Scheepsbouw covering the first fifty years of Nesec.

A special milestone, our 75th anniversary!

In 1946, the Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw Export Centrale was founded. First as a sales and contracting organisation, later with a focus on financing the maritime sector. This history in the maritime world and our knowledge of lending products are at the heart of our company, with the aim to make the difference. We can proudly say that we have already supported the maritime sector for 75 years!

In honor of our 75th anniversary we will use our special anniversary logo this year. The coming year stands for more growth, positive developments and we are working on a number of new initiatives.

Collaboration pays off. We hope to keep on supporting the maritime sector for many years more and reach more special milestones!